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Our End-to-End Application Services

Our own virtual development team

We understand your project requirements so that we can assign you the best team of offshore dedicated development experts that can deliver you with most innovative and best-in-class solutions for your start-ups and enterprises.

Upscale Our Development capabilities

Hire dedicated remote employees from Peerbits to enhance and upscale your development capabilities to an extent where you can easily deliver projects and solutions having complex and challenging requirements.

Leverage quick & Cost-efficient deployment

We deploy our best offshore remote team for your project in a matter of a few weeks and days. Our remote team deployment is both faster and more cost-efficient as compared to traditional in-house recruitment.


Once you hire your offshore development team, it follows all the steps that are required to develop your customized solutions. Over the years, our team of offshore dedicated development experts have achieved consistent results by following these below steps.
  • We use modern technologies and approaches
    We eagerly utilize and constantly develop our competencies in IoT, big data, machine learning, AI, image analysis, AR, DevOps/Continuous Delivery (CD), and don’t shun proven and long-trusted techs.
  • We know how to deal with complex enterprise IT landscapes
    That have evolved for decades. We’ve been accumulating the experience from multiple projects and learned the tricks to tame the systems of various nature and architectural patterns.
  • We are flexible in terms of cooperation
    We are ready to cooperate with third-party vendors and together deliver business value to the customers. If the customer’s needs and priorities change, we can adjust the responsibility scope on the go and adapt service timelines to the new context.
  • We focus on the solutions we deliver and manage
    We analyze how to optimize operational, maintenance, and other costs during a solution’s life cycle.
  • We've established reliable, disciplined processes
    We have ISO 9001 certified quality management, ISO 27001 certified information security management, ISO 13485 certified quality management for medical devices and Software as a Medical Device and more.